Our Ethics

Manufacturing Policy

At Skyscraper, suppliers and factories commit to making our products in factories with good working conditions so that people are treated decently and paid a fair wage. Skyscraper does not own factories, but we are very selective about who we work with. Most of the factories that we work with produce goods for other brands. This means orders made for Skyscraper Group are produced alongside items for other well-known brands.                                                                          
The Skyscraper Code of Conduct is a document that we send out to all suppliers. The Code covers areas such as pay, employment policies and health and safety.

For the factory to get approved with Skyscraper it is first inspected by the world’s leading private factory inspection agency. Once we get approval from them and we are confident that the factory meets our standards then we are happy to produce goods with them.
We work with factories in 6 different countries. The factories that we use have a good ratio of male and female workers. It is especially important to Skyscraper and its associated brands that workers work for a fair wage and work fair hours.  

Animal products 

Skyscraper does not use any animal products in its retail products. This includes fur and leather. We also have a policy to not test any products on animals. 

Environmental commitment

We at Skyscraper are passionate about caring for our planet. We have researched and studied all our sustainable products to make sure they are as eco-friendly as possible. Our sustainable range was developed to be sustainable yet long-lasting. We do not believe in single-use products we think that our products should be with you for years. That is why we include a long-life warranty with all products and offer replacement parts for some products if anything breaks. We use minimal protective packaging on all products that is still sufficient to prevent damage.

We use great quality long-lasting materials such as Hemp and Sustainable Cotton in our sustainable clothing range. These materials are designed to be durable, reducing clothing waste while using fewer chemicals and water to produce. Our bamboo products are made without plastic and are biodegradable once you are done with them. Our stainless-steel range is designed to last for as long as possible reducing the need to replace bottles and straws constantly. 

We keep our prices low as we do not believe in charging an "Eco Tax" on sustainable products. We want to make it easier for Schools, Colleges, and other businesses to change to sustainable products and become more eco-friendly.

We are a zero waste to landfill company meaning that we do not dispose of anything that goes to landfill. We do not print documents or paperwork with any orders instead we do all of that via E-mail.

We are also part of 1% For The Planet an organization who are helping with climate change issues in many ways. For more information see https://www.onepercentfortheplanet.org/

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