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Sustainable Products

We believe quality and sustainability go hand in hand. Therefore, we have decided to design a range of sustainable goods. We have provided sustainable products to sports teams, shops, restaurants and schools, including University College Cork, the most sustainable university in the world.

Some of our popular sustainable products include our Stainless-Steel Water Bottles, Bamboo Pens, Bamboo Toothbrushes and, our Sustainable clothing range. 

Our Sustainable Promise 

We selected the products in our sustainable range very carefully. We want our products to last a long time and be made from as much sustainable material as possible. We don't mix non-sustainable materials in with sustainable materials like other manufacturers do. We have also had our products and factories tested and inspected to approve with EU standards. 

Why Hemp? 

 Hemp is a versatile and strong material. We use hemp in some of our products because of its many environmental benefits. Hemp uses 50% less water when compared to traditional cotton. It also requires no pesticides or chemicals to produce. When industrial Hemp is harvested and processed, very little goes to waste as Hemp can make everything from paper to insulation. When Hemp is planted, it absorbs toxins in the soil as well replenishing the nutrients in the soil. Hemp clothing is water absorbent, breathable yet still insulating. Another benefit of products made from hemp is their durability. Hemp can last 3 times longer than traditional materials. Hemp is also naturally compostable. We are always working to expand our range of products made from this amazing material and you can view our current range of products at the bottom of this page.

Steel bottles 

From €6.99 (MOQ 50)

Bamboo Insulated Coffee Cup

From €6.99 (MOQ 100)

Metal Straws 

From €0.95 (MOQ 10)

Wooden USB Sticks

From €4.49 (MOQ 100)

Bamboo Toothbrushes

From €1.50(MOQ 100)

Bamboo Pens

From €0.99 (MOQ 100)

Stainless Steel Drinks Tumbler

From €5.99 (MOQ 100)

Hemp Notebook

From €4.50 (MOQ 100)

Bamboo Cotton Buds

From €7.99 for 600

Bamboo Straws 

From €0.49 each (MOQ 1000)

Hemp Pouch

From €7 (MOQ 70)

Hemp Hat

From €9.49 (MOQ 70) 

Hemp Lip Balm

From €1.49 (MOQ 250) 

Hemp Bag

From €10.49 (MOQ 70)

Hemp Coaster

From €1.40 (MOQ 100)

Hemp Postcard

From €1.49 each (MOQ 100)

Hemp Business Card 

From €0.75 (MOQ 100)

Hemp Product Tag

From €0.85 (MOQ 100)

Wooden Phone Holder

From €2.49 (MOQ 100)

Bamboo Socks

From €3.99 (MOQ 100)

Bamboo Lanyard

From €0.99(MOQ 500)

Metal Razor

From €9.99(MOQ 50) 

Eco Friendly Face Masks

  • Fully customizable with any Text, Logo or Design.
  • Made from Sustainable Cotton and Recycled Polyester. 
  • Available in 3 different sizes 
From €5 (MOQ 95)

Sustainable Clothing 

With products on this line, we reduce the amount of material wastage in our manufacturing process and we try to reduce the amount of plastic packaging in our products.
Cotton is on the of the world’s most popular materials. It is used to make anything from clothes to furniture. However, most conventional cotton is grown and made in a way that is harmful to the environment.  We have made a line of alternatives to traditional cotton that we believe will help us and our planet. We only use factories that have been certified and inspected by different world-leading factory inspection organizations. See our ethics page for more information.

Sustainable Cotton Hoodies and T-Shirts

From €11.99 (MOQ 20)

Hemp T-Shirts

From €14.99 (MOQ 70)

Prices change with quantity, MOQ = Minimum Order Quantity. Shipping not included (Estimated Shipping cost €17) 

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